Jill Bartz, BA

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1991 and have pursued a variety of careers including graphic designer, hairdresser, teacher, and medical radiographer.  As a parent of a high functioning ASD student, I understand how you feel. I know your student is a smart, funny, wonderful kid.  I also understand the struggles you’ve encountered along the way with the educational system. After successfully transitioning my own student to college, I understand this process and want to help your student achieve success as well. I look forward to meeting you and your student and learning how I can help make the college transition smoother for both of you.

email: jill@tasc.life

Our Story

Jeffrey A. Bartz, Ph.D

Not only do Jill and I parent a wonderful kid with ASD, I have taught Chemistry at the college level in Kalamazoo for over 20 years. In 2015, I won the Outstanding Advisor award because of my work on behalf of first-generation and minority students.  I have also been recognized for excellence as a teacher in the classroom, in the laboratory, and as a mentor. This experience has given me insight into how college students transition to college and how it can be even more challenging for a non-neurotypical student. Together, we can support your student for college transition success.

Our Team

The idea for TASC began as we readied our son with ASD to attend college. He had always succeeded in school, and we hadn’t worried about how he would manage the academics at the college level.  We knew that he wasn’t as prepared for the non-academic stuff, and he needed more support before classes began to successfully manage the transition. We spent many hours on campus during the summer visiting classrooms, dining halls, and bus stops; we talked with professors, bus drivers, and bookstore employees. As we went through this process, we realized that many ASD students will be attending college for the first time and many may not succeed due to things OTHER than academics.

Transitioning Autistic Students to College

Angela S. Halloran, MS

I began working with high-risk and at-risk youth at Boys Town, in Omaha, Nebraska.  For five years, I helped to tailor and implement the BT program of behavior modification and social skills training to youth based on their needs.  I was five-times certified in the program and also trained others in the Boys Town model.  After earning my Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction, I went on to teach science at a secondary high school where I developed a tailored curriculum for special education students. I understand the incredible ability as well as the unique yet manageable challenges our ASD students have.  I am eager to help them on this new path forward toward independence and success. 

email: angela@tasc.life